Movies are hugely discussed on social media, part of which often refer to going to the cinemas. The 3 cinema brands CGV, BHD and Galaxy are competing with CGV dominating Share of Voice in 2014 with nearly 50,000 mentions, much higher than that of the competitors.

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However, the number of mentions is not as important as what people are talking about each brand, and why they choose or not choose a brand. This article analyzes the customer feedback about each cinema chain by using Buzzmetrics Social Listening Brand Journey model (BJ).

When comparing between CGV, BHD and Galaxy from the consumer discussions on social media in 2014, there are some following notable points:

PURCHASED AND POSITIVE REVIEW stage: When analyzing after-sales stage, it can be said that CGV has the highest level of satisfation (40% of the customers say that they have used CGV’s service and are satisfied with it). This ratio of BHD is 32% while Galaxy has much lower level of satisfaction of only 24%.

ADVOCATED stage: BHD is the cinema chain that receives most recommendation from the customers (16%), following by CGV with 12% and Galaxy with only 4%.

DIDN’T BUY stage: In Cinema category, there are very few customers share why they didn’t go to a particular cinema.

- DISSATISFACTION stage: There is a notably high percentage of customers who are dissatisfied with cinema services, in particular Galaxy cinema has the highest Level of Dissatisfaction of up to 42%, while this percentage of BHD and CGV is 24% and 22% respectively.

CGV: High ticket price corresponding with Good cinema facility and Good service.

BHD: Acceptable ticket price but the Cinema facility as well as Service is not as good as expected, Wide space and Good location are two biggest strengths.

Galaxy: Low ticket price, many Promotion programs but the Cinema facility is not appreciated and the cinema is usually too crowded. However, the Service quality is said to be good value for money.

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In this stage, the customers don’t usually mention a specific brand in particular, but instead mention factors that make them go to the cinema. They are Promotion, Cinema facility, Ticket price, Showtimes,…

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  • BHD Cinema:

Promotion is the key factor that make the customers consider about BHD while Cinema facility and Ticket price are those that bother them the most.

  • CGV Cinema:

In general, CGV charges the highest price, hence Ticket price is the biggest concern when considering this brand, in which many questions about price level are raised by the customers. Meanwhile, Promotion and Space are said to be reasons for thinking of this cinema.

  • Galaxy Cine:

As Galaxy has the cheapest price among competitors, the customers when considering this cinema do not think much about Ticket price, instead they have many concerns about Showtimes, Ticket buying, Film quality,…


Good Cinema facility, Good service, Reasonable Ticket price, Promotion, Large and clean space,…are said to be what makes people came and reviewed positively about cinemas.

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  • BHD Cinema:

Two most notable strengths are Wide space and Good location (especially BHD Cineplex in Bitexco Financial Tower). However, BHD has a much lower ratio of positive messages about the Service than its competitors (only 2%).

  • CGV Cinema:

CGV is considered to have Best cinema facility and Best service (these are two aspects that receive most positive comments of CGV).

  • Galaxy Cine:

In comparison with BHD and CGV, Galaxy win on Ticket price. Though being less appreciated by Cinema facility than the competitors, Galaxy has its Service positively reviewed by the customers (with 6% positive messages mentioning this factor, comparing to 10% of CGV and 2% of BHD).


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Promotion is the top reason that make people recommend a cinema to others. However, while CGV and BHD are also recommended by their High-quality Image and sound, Good service, New technology,… Galaxy only has Promotion as their most recommending factor.


Generally Bad satff attitude is said to be what makes people dissatisfied and stop going to a cinema brand. Some other issues including High price, Small space, Too crowded,… are usually complained by the customers and even make them leave brand.

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  • BHD Cinema:

Though having an acceptable price, BHD sometimes receives comments saying that there is not a big gap between its ticket price and CGV’s but the Staff attitude are lowered and fewer promotion programs are offered. BHD is also complained about problems inside the cinema such as Small cinema space, Uncomfortable seats, Impolite audiences in the cinema,…

  • CGV Cinema:

Some people say that CGV does not actually have Good service while its price is too high (both ticket price and food and drink price). Some mention bad cinema quality, Annoying 4DX technology as negativel factors that drive them away.

  • Galaxy Cine:

Due to competitive ticket price, Galaxy is usually said to be too crowded while having small space. File quality is also a minus point of this cinema chain as many people say that they are not satisfied with it. Some other problems mentioned are Bad staff attitude, Few options in showtimes, Uncomfortable seats, Distasteful food and drink,…